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Once you attain a Passport Level, you maintain that level from year to year as long as you revisit the LOOP on a yearly basis and renew your member level on-line year to year. There are three levels of participation. Fill out form below to recieve an rewards certificate email. Cruising Passport Member Levels: Surveyor: Vessels that visit Loop marinas for 8 days in the year, either paid or free slippage.

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Members have access to Loop products at a discount. Explorer: Vessels that visit Loop marinas for 16 days in the year, either paid or free slippage.

Voyager: Vessels that visit Loop marinas for 24 days during the year, either paid or free slippage. Dockage is valid for one 2 day visit per marina per season unless other arrangements are made with the marina. But, if there is not one, they will often show you other offers which are available.

You may want to pick up that one instead, since you can save. Hold your phone over the product barcode until the product is read you will feel your phone vibrate.

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If there is a cartwheel coupon available, you can add it to your phone. If there is not one, it will say none, and sometimes, will even show related products which do have offers.

Save on things you always buy at stores you were already going to. Search and save, simply.

If an offer comes up you can click on it and it will be added to your account. If, you find other offers you want to add to your account, via search or the lists, just click the red PLUS button at the end of the item and it will be added for you. When you get to checkout, click the wallet button at the bottom of your phone and you will see the scannable barcode. Show this to the cashier and he or she will scan it and your offers will be applied to your purchase.

If there are any coupons, you will find them in your wallet. You can even sync your REDCard or other form of payment within the app to make check out even simpler!

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Regardless of whether you use the desktop or the mobile version of Cartwheel, there are things you need to know. Are there limits on the Target Cartwheel redemptions? Every offer can be used towards the purchase of 4 items unless otherwise specified. The purchase does not need to be made all at once, but can be done in more than one transaction or across different days. How is the discount applied when redeemed? If you are using only the Cartwheel offer, the discount is taken off of the top of the purchase price. The way the deduction is applied varies based upon the type s of coupons being redeemed.

The Target coupon is first applied; then the value of the Cartwheel offer is deducted and finally the manufacturer;s coupon is applied. Why did the item get removed from my account before I used it? All offers have expiration dates on them.

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If the offer has lapsed, it will automatically be removed from your account. It may also be removed if you have reached the purchase limits allowed.

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Read the fine print of the offer before you redeem it. The more offers you redeem, the more badges you unlock. You start with only 10 slots available and you earn badges, you will open up more spots, so you can add even more offers to your account. Can you price match when using a Cartwheel coupon? There is a lot to understand about price matching and Cartwheel, so we have an entire post dedicated to explaining this in detail — How to Price Match when Using Cartwheel.

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I do have a question. Can I scan my receipt of purchases from yesterday if I join today on my smart phone?

The cashier seemed to think so which is why I waited until I got home. THanks a lot. If you do not yet have the app, go ahead and add it and you will then be able to use it going forward. Click here to subscribe.