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Xico serves exemplary high-end, casual Mexican cuisine with fresh, local ingredients whenever possible. Find dishes like enchiladas, mollete, gorditas, and more, along with mezcal, tequila, and even Mexican wines. The secret is in the roaring wood-fired grills that light the back side of the spacious restaurant, where chefs grill half chickens, flat irons, and rib-eyes. All the meat that matters, between two pieces of bread Starting with the emergence of beloved Bunk, Portland has gone into the throes of sandwich shops, with joints like Meat Cheese Bread, Stacked, and Guero all bringing chef-y techniques and cramming them between two pieces of bread.

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Every meat in this place is made in-house, from the succulent porchetta to the hunk of ham that finds its way into the deep fryer along with the dirty fries. Sandwiches here rotate as often as the beer selection, with mainstays like the bahn mi and the mortadella sharing chalkboard space with goods like the Nashville fried chicken and a monthly sandwich by a famous chef from town. Today she has two brick-and-mortars.

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One Downtown, and one in close-in Southeast. At both of them, the dish is a delicious poached chicken served with rice, a light soup, cucumbers, and cilantro. You can get it with peanut sauce and broccoli if you like, or with tofu for vegetarians, but the original reigns supreme. On Thursdays, guests have a bit more flexibility with walk-in four course meals with vegetarian options, and the prix fixe weekend brunch is one of the most indulgent in town.

With any meal, getting the wine pairing is highly recommended, as is stopping across the street at sister bar Expatriate for a cocktail. Plus, it now sports a full cocktail bar, along with its already impressive wine list. Just be sure to add a heaping pile of arugula to any pizza you get. A house of decadence, the tiny, brick-lined restaurant is never empty, as guests pile in to try the rich, modern, French-inspired tasting menus.

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Thursdays are the best day to visit, when the pasta dishes are replaced by delicate housemade gnocchi, the best delivery system for that tomato-butter sauce. With the one-two punch, Whims has basically turned her little corner of Buckman into Little Italy.

Global Flavors, Local Ingredients

The dark, warm interior still boasts white tablecloths and formally dressed servers, the latter of which present the thick, juicy steaks with well-practiced aplomb. The steakhouse also quietly carries one of the best vintage wine collections in the city, if not the country. Fried oysters and other seafood in what feels like a ship A family-owned restaurant dating back to , Dan and Louis Oyster Bar is, unsurprisingly, a seafood restaurant housed in a room that looks like the interior of a wooden ship.

Essentially a fish and chips shop, it distinguishes itself by serving crispy, golden shellfish.

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Servers are decked out in white jackets -- a rarity in a city that usually sees more tattoos on its servers than dress shirts. A long wooden bar with brass railings dominates the room, and the high walls are lined with vintage paintings. Today, the arched, wood-paneled dining hall remains an institution. Dishes vary in complexity, but always come with a sense of playfulness and elegance -- a simple vegetable grilled and seasoned to perfection, or a raw oyster touched with oil, might be followed by black brioche topped with chicken liver and malt, all of which will be evocative of the Pacific Northwest.

For those that imbibe, the wine pairing with the tasting menu is essential. Start with kimchi snacks before moving on to a fantastic array of dumplings, then get down on some of the ssam dishes like a whole grilled mackerel. Alex Frane feels that keeping up with all the many restaurant openings in Portland is like a fun, often delicious game.

Follow his eating and drinking habits as well as cat-petting habits at franiacdrinks. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. SS Mon-Fri 11 am-8 pm. SEH Tues-Sun 11 am-9 pm. Primary offerings are teriyaki plate lunch—choose chicken, pork, beef, or some combo of the three—and you get a pile of protein, a steamy football-sized quenelle of rice, and a refreshing iceberg salad with creamy poppy-seed dressing. The key to a good margherita is high quality, fresh ingredients, and East Glisan has it down.

¿Por Qué No? Taquería — Portland, Oregon

Beautiful, chewy mozzarella with slightly tangy, freshly made tomato sauce, and whole fresh basil leaves to top it off. A solid tap list of local brews is the perfect touch, because what goes together better than beer and pizza? KK Daily 4 pm-midnight. NL Mon-Sat 9 am-6 pm. My date and I ordered the beef key wot—small chunks of tender beef, marinated in spicy berbere sauce—and the veggie combo, which comes with five veggie sides, all of which tasted fresh and uniquely spiced. A frequent complaint of some Ethiopian restaurants is when I need to request and pay for additional injera; not so with Enat, who offered so much that neither of us could finish what we started.

Enat has a cozy vibe inside, which is a good thing, because service, though friendly, was a little on the cozy side of prompt. SEH Mon-Sat am-9 pm. Ample outdoor seating makes it a great spot for summer. Bonus: They sell jars of the sauce to-go, so you can also smother everything in your fridge with it. CD Daily 11 am pm. This fast-casual concept from the owner of Langbaan and co-owner Alan Akwai serves Southern Thai style fried chicken, delectable curries, chewy fried roti breads, and some seriously spicy salads. That said, this place is hardly an unknown hole-in-the-wall—lots has been written about its ridiculously delicious Vietnamese noodle soups—and has gotten national attention from far fancier food writers than me.

But here I am as well to tell you: YUM. Ha VL offers two soups daily, and while it still has sandwiches on their menu, they also have many signs up telling you that sandwiches are no longer available. But who cares? Soup is the name of the game. I like chicken curry Wednesdays but really want to get there sometime for snail Thursdays.

EJ Wed-Mon, 8 am-4 pm. The lemongrass tofu is pulled, tossed in a spicy sriracha sauce, and generously distributed along the base of the baguette, with a sprinkling of diced peanuts mixed in to provide additional flavor and texture in every bite.

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When I arrive, most tables are populated by Chinese people speaking their native tongue, which is always a good sign. Service is polite and friendly, and the prices are downright cheap—especially relative to the quality of the food, which is mostly meat dumplings, noodles, and soup. Maybe not the most exciting, but it keeps things simple. Hot tea is complimentary and served in plastic water cups.

Personally I forgo the toppings, because when mixed together and devoured with chopsticks, this is a bowl of heaven that can easily last for two meals. That is, if one possesses an ounce of self-control which I do not. Which is why the gourmet sandwiches that steakhouse Laurelhurst Market whips up during the daylight hours are so dang special—these are carefully crafted vessels of meat and gluten, made with top-notch ingredients and flavors all working in concert. NL Lunch hours daily 11 am-5 pm.


The cozy, colorful pie shop offers both savory and sweet slices for your lunchtime pie fix. Or just had two slices of sweet pie for lunch because you are a damn adult and are living your most authentic life.

https://hukusyuu-mobile.com/wp-content/by/2479-tracker-a-cell.php Not into triangle-shaped food? Not into carnivorous feasts? Fear not! Respect the flow! Know what you want! Their vegetarian pho contains an especially resplendent amount of veggies. Cambodian restaurant in Portland, located next to a beauty school in a strip mall on a particularly unattractive part of Northeast 82nd.

Dress it appropriately with Coney Island-style mustard, diced onions, and relish , take a bite, and feel the satisfying snap of the casing breaking between your teeth, and the smokiness of the mouth-watering pork rising up into your grateful nostrils. My order is a small No.