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Most of the tests involve our robot obstacle course. The area contains analogs for furniture legs, shelves, and thresholds.

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Each robot vacuum has three chances to prove itself. The first two runs, we place cork pellets under the shelves and between the furniture legs. When we let the robot vacuum loose, we look for how long a cleaning cycle takes, what obstacles it was able to clean thoroughly, whether its HEPA filters, if it has one, grab on to dust and other allergens and the overall debris pickup performance.

For the final test run, we replace the cork with pet hair and run another test run.

We also consider each robot's battery life and build quality. After testing dozens of robot vacuums, we think the name is a bit of a misnomer. We found that consumers experience the most satisfaction with their robot vacuums when they view them as floor maintainers in between manual cleanings.

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We should also point out that most robot vacuums are designed for bare floors and medium carpet. If you have throw rugs taller than a half inch, your robot vacuum might not be able to climb atop it or may get stuck. This fact is vital for pet owners because it means pet beds are a point of contention. Over the years, three technologies have developed to help keep robot vacuums from running amok: magnetic strips , virtual barriers , and app-based barriers.

All three of these methods have their pros and cons. Magnetic strips are the simplest. Lay them on the floor and they create a barrier that designated robot vacuums will not cross.


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Most robot vacuums that included them only ship with one, so you have to cut them if you want to cover multiple entryways. The next step up is virtual barriers. These battery-powered devices emit an infrared line that tells robot vacuums to turn back. The final method, aside from shutting doors, involves specialized apps.

New mapping technologies allow robot vacuums to have a better understanding of their surroundings.

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They can then send that information to your phone. Companies like iRobot, Neato, and Ecovacs all produce robot vacuums were you can draw lines on virtual maps to denote where the robots can and cannot go. A good robot navigates well by not bumping into furniture and getting over thresholds. However, being a good robot means drawing power away from the brushes and to the wheels, sensors, and circuit board.

A robot vacuum that cleans well tends to ram itself into furniture. They also tend to be noisier as more power is drawn to the suction motor. The basic rule of thumb is that the more a robot vacuum costs, the better robot it is and the less dirt it will pick up. Robot vacuums tend to have two different types of navigation, infrared and optical, or a combination of both. Infrared sensors shoot out beams that give information about distance. Optical navigation involves cameras, usually mounted on the top of the unit.

Typically, these cameras utilize contrast and landmarks to decipher where they are.

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Robot vacuums that rely on optical navigation cannot work in a pitch black room. Printable Coupons and Deals.

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